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SNEHA and housing

SNEHA’s approach to housing combined localized needs and sensibilities, both in terms of design and location. In addition, by working closely with communities, and committed to long-term support for the social and sectoral needs of fishers, SNEHA’s approach to housing stood apart from that of most NGOs in Nagapattinam and Karaikal.


New housing presented both location-specific and structural challenges for fishers. The pictures here focus on some of the structural problems in houses built for fishers.

Thiruvizha 2008

Description: photos from celebrations in Nambiyarnagar and Nagapattinam town. The guest of honor at Nambiyarnagar’s Thiruvizha was the District Revenue Officer for Relief and Rehabilitation, Mr. Kandasamy. The village also celebrated and recognized auto-rikshaw drivers, who as the Athipatha Nayanar Auto Nanbargal (‘Athipatha Nayanar Auto-driver friends’) were generously praised on stage, with songs and dances performed in their honor.

Beaches and religious practice

Dotting the coastal landscape are numerous shrines. Facing the sea, these shrines are seen to offer protection, but also serve to mark spaces off as sacred and inviolable.